I do not not intend to be a blogger. However, I also do not really participate in the social internet except for the occasional flippant comment on twitter. This is just the garbage that you would find on my Facebook page it I had one. Bonus points because these thoughts come without the ads, and where the only propaganda and lies are mine.

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My Everywhere Phone

Lots of people find it hard to be seperated from their phone these days; I have protocols for such a situation. I'm still terrible at answering, but at least there are very few technical barriers. Read More...


Programming: 'Dealing' with Computers

I reflect on some of the lessons that I learned while working on a card game project. As I keep being reminded, you must think like a computer to program a computer.\ Read More...

Travel Log: Horsetheif Canyon, AB.

I was enticed into taking an unprepared hike through Alberta's Horsethief Canyon. I didn't have water or hiking boots, but I did have my phone. As a result I ended up exhausted, but have some nice picture to show for it. Read More...


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