Clear Sky


  • Wind Speed: 1.34km/h
  • Wind Gust: 1.79km/h
  • Wind Direction: 32°
  • N

  • compass-32-degrees
  • Feel Like: 23°C
  • Pressure: 1020 Pa
  • Dew Point: 20°C
  • Cloud Cover: 0%
  • Visibility: Unlimited
  • UV Index: 0.27

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Extended Forecast

Who Are You and Why Should I Care?

Howdy. My name is John Mertz, and you shouldn't care at all. But since you found your way here maybe you do care. That's sweet. If you want to know more than my sparce social media presense tells, feel free to look here

Why Do You Have a Website Anyways?

Wow. Rude. But certainly a valid question. I'm not famous or interesting. So, what... Am I some sort of narcisist? Ya. That's about it. But isn't everyone in the digital age? You can see the real reason at the start of an earlier article here

What Have You Been Working On?

I have a dozen projects going on at any given time. There is nothing that I like more than tinkering and hacking things together. Feel free to check out what I am currently working on and what I have actually finished here

What Have You Been Thinking About?

I'm not a terribly interesting person, but I do have some thoughts and ideas. I've started to try to record the highlights. I also travel a bit for work, so I have thoughts on this as well as. You can read them here



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