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Having taken a motorcycle I was only able to pack a backpack-worth of gear for the duration of the trip, including the conference. This was an interesting challenge because after my suit, shoes and laptop, I only really had room for a basic wardrobe and only one water bottle at a time. I didn't have room for food or snacks and didn't bother bringing a bathing suit or a book. It was an interesting exercise in what I really NEED.

The evening after the conference was dedicated to getting myself to Drumheller. By the time I got to the hotel it was dark, I was hungry and the clock was running 2 hours slow, so I just ate and went to bed. As a result, I was up before the crack of dawn and decided to get a bit of an adventure in before breakfast. This took me East down scenic Highway 10 which supposedly has the best view of the Hoodoos and other geographic weirdness.

These run for several kilometers and after about 20 minutes I decided to turn back. On the way back through I took a detour down 11 Bridges Rd. which is the home to various historic landmarks and reminders of the Old West. As the name suggests, the road features a series of iron and wood brides not much wider than a single lane as it winds over the Rosebud river. The road eventually turned to gravel and so I again turned back and headed back into town.

It was an interesting experiencing riding past old, wooden buildings, coal mines and dismantled buggies while riding a modern motorcycle and listening to Reply All, a podcast about the internet.

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