About Me

2018-05-16 (Updated)

A Biography of John Mertz

Basically, I'm a 33 year-old dork living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... I word that a little more charitably in my resume:
I am engaged in all areas of the technology sector with a particular interest in Open Source and collaborative technologies. My strength is in dilligence, clear communication, critical thinking and ability to pick up new skills quickly. This has helped me to become successful in many roles in my career and to pursue interesting and challenging projects in my personal time. My contributions have improved the usability and functionality of software products, increased sales, developed new partnerships and solved many technical challenges. I want to continue learning and solving problems.
Don't you want to hire me now?

Aside from that, most of my interests will probably eventually be mentioned on the site. I'm into cycling, DIY/making things, recreational coding, cooking plants, reading mostly non-fiction, walking the hood, and leftist politics.