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Updated 2019-03-01

Policies for the usage of content distributed on this site.

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All content on this website, unless otherwise stated, is under the sole copyright of the author, John Mertz. The intention of the author is to extend the usage rights of any content on the site to anyone who might want it. This is achieved with the following copyleft efforts.

Images, Articles and Other Content

The text content of all articles on the site as well as any accompanying images are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 License meaning that you can use and adapt the content in any way that you should choose as long as the original author's effort are attributed and the derived work is licensed under the same terms.


In most cases, the software written by the author is distributed with an accompanying license. Unless it is not possible due to some other conflicting license, the author strives to make all software available using the GNU General Public License Version 3. In cases where the license in not specifically distributed with the software, such as with some GitHub Gists or code quoted within an article, this license can be assumed.

Releasing of source code for other projects is an ongoing effort and eventually the entire source code for this website should be available. The author appreciates your patience in this effort.



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