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I'm a half competent developer, have rudimentary soldering skills and only occasionally have to go to the hospital when I work with power tools. With the full might of those credentials, I regularly jump into a wide array of seemingly useless, or irrational projects.

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This Website - Mega Thread

You are viewing a site that took many hours of work and which has been through a number of iterations. Almost none of that time has actually been spent on content, so find out what it was spent doing. Read More...


VoIP.ms API Wrapper and Tools

VoIP.ms is a cool VoIP phone, SMS and Conference provider. They also have a cool API that lets you do other cool things. Perl is a cool programming language which makes doing cool things easy. It's all pretty cool... Read More...

Past Projects: Commandline 2048 Game

Having not done much interesting lately, here's a clone of the popular mobile game that I wrote in C. Read More...


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